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Sabbath Day – Black Rock Forest

June 9, 2018

Thursday was a beautiful day in the Hudson River Valley. I took the first half of my sabbath day to go on an eight-mile hike in the Black Rock Forest. This hike had a bit of everything (and I recommend it highly).

  • Five peaks (Mt. Misery, Hill of Pines, Rattlesnake Hill and Black Rock Mountain)
  • Mountain lakes (Arthur Pond, Bog Meadow Pond, and Aleck Meadow Reservoir)
  • Scenic views
  • Secluded summits
  • Mountain laurel, lichen, and lots of lizards 
  • Waterfalls, babbling brooks and rushing water

  • Undulating hills
  • High trails
  • Silence

It is a strenuous workout, but the trails are well-blazed (mostly). My guide was Daniel Chazin’s Hike of the week: A Year of Hikes in the New York Metro Area, where Black Rock Forest i a recommended summer hike. Getting there and back involved a beautiful ride through the Hudson Highlands with the Grateful Dead on loud and the windows open. I was sorely tempted to take a swim in the river before coming home but, alas, I was on a time-table. 

The remainder of the day involved pastoral care and dinner (on a terraced restaurant) with a friend. 

2018-06-07 10.23.23

2018-06-07 12.06.08.jpg2018-06-07 11.30.13

2018-06-07 11.34.33

2018-06-07 11.51.262018-06-07 12.32.58.jpg

2018-06-07 12.33.29

2018-06-07 12.58.34

2018-06-07 13.16.12.jpg

2018-06-07 13.16.24.jpg

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